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Mindful Farnham

Mindfulness for healing and wellbeing

Courses and workshops on Mindfulness, Embodiment, and Self Enquiry

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Discover the Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

My Offerings

6 Week Introduction to Mindfulness

This course introduces mindfulness meditation using mindfulness of the body, the breath, the emotions and thinking.  At the end of the six weeks you will know how to bring compassion to your moment to moment experiences of life. This is a six week course ideal for those new to mindfulness and those who want to deepen their practice.  
Bookings are now open for an on-line course starting 9th June.  This is a 6 week course and costs £45. 

Sundays from 7pm-8:0pm starting 9th June 2024


I really loved the course, you created such a safe and welcoming space and inspired me to practice between sessions. The sessions were so rich with resources and quotes, ideas, poems and the sharing in breakout rooms was well balanced with that. Thank you for a wonderful course. 

You’re an excellent teacher, and I very much enjoyed your classes! I felt more connected, both to myself and to the rest of the group, by the time the course ended.

Your kind empathic style was very welcoming and nurturing. 

Very understanding and really feel you listen and you give time to allow me to organise my thoughts and express them

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one to one mindfulness teaching

Tailored for you 1:1 sessions

Sometimes people find 1:1mindfulness sessions work best for them. Bringing mindful awareness and an embodied self-kindness to challenging life situations can be transformative.


For teaching tailor made for your situation either in person or on-line contact Carolyn

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Centring Down with Compassion

Exploring the beautiful Quaker teachings of Advices and Queries we meet monthly online for an hour.  Check out the podcast "Centring Down with Compassion" to hear previous sessions.

Quakers have valued stillness and silences for centuries.  Practicing heedfulness and stillness so that their actions can serve the world.  Learning how to still the mind is a personal journey and each person finds their own way to stillness, if you would like to explore this with others on the journey please join me for a monthly meditation exploring one Advices and Queries each month.


Centring Down with Compassion

"Attend to what love requires of you, which may not be great busyness" Advices and Queries 28

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Mindfulness in the workplace

Well being, self compassion and resilience.

Courses offered in person in the workplace to build wellbeing and resilience.

Support your employees to bring awareness and healing for anxiety and stress.

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Carolyn Baynes Mindfulness Teacher, and dedicated 1:1 Mindfulness Guide

About me:

Welcome,  I am Carolyn Baynes MMTCP.  SInce my late teens I have been learning about meditation and embodied awareness and how befriending the body and emotions can transform my relationship with what is happening in this moment.

I qualified  in 2023 as a mindfulness teacher training with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach and I am also an affiliated tutor to the Quaker college of learning:  Woodbrooke.  If you are interested in 1:1 mindfulness sessions  or joining one of my groups please get in touch.

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